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Company Profile

Checkmate Pest Management, Inc. is a WMBE company, majority owned by Jamie E. Sheehan. The Checkmate name goes back to 1971. We have a long history in pest control in NYC and the surrounding area. At Checkmate, we are proud to receive much of our business from word-of-mouth referrals. 

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff

All Checkmate technicians are thoroughly trained and attend rigorous training seminars throughout the year. Everyone is equipped with the knowledge, know-how and experience to tackle any and all of your pest control needs.

Why Choose Checkmate?

  • Immediate help - we can usually schedule an appointment within 24 hours and will accommodate emergency situations.
  • Free estimates and contracts for continuous service. 
  • Proactive approach - we offer preventive pest inspections because many pests are not easily visible. 
  • Environmentally conscious - we have a vested interest in providing a environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems.
  • High-tech service - we have implemented handheld mobile devices to replace paper service orders and invoices. These devices also allow us to bar code and scan any and all equipment we install in or on your property. At the end of each service visit our Technician will email our office with any conditions which are conducive to pests and we will relay this information to your Resident Manager and/or another designee along with recommendations outlining the quickest way of eliminating them.