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Our Green Approach - Integrated Pest Management

Checkmate's Integrated Pest Management Program is an approach to pest control that uses regular monitoring to determine if and when treatments are needed. We will create a plan for you with steps to help you control pests using the least damaging methods to the environment, your property, and your family or building occupants. By correcting the conditions that lead to pest problems and the judicious use of approved pesticides, only when necessary, Checkmate's IPM provides an effective and environmentally friendly Pest Management Program.

How it Works

Our program consists of regular inspection to identify the pest(s) and the source of infestation. We will control any infestation with the following, short term solutions:

  • Mechanical controls
  • Physical controls
  • Biological controls
  • Chemical pesticides (only as a last resort)

Through the use of engineering, maintenance, sanitation methods and education we will reduce and/or eliminate the cause of any infestation. These methods are long-term solutions.

Checkmate Pest Management, Inc. will provide a detailed maintenance program that will include detailed inspections, monitoring through glue traps, sanitation recommendations and the education of the staff to control pests by the reduction of their food, water sources, shelter (harborage) and points of entry.